This evening in Friday nights

After-dark action!!!

I have a little flexibility in my work schedule and I like variations in the seasons, no matter how slight, so I've been taking the time change and attendant early darkness in stride.

Except I have been playing tennis* at the nearby middle school with a friend one evening a week; as we have no lighted tennis courts nearby, this week marks the end of that for at least a few months, and I'm a little bummed.

I've been trying to think of fun active things we can do in the dark. Walking, for one. Running, maybe, a little. I mean, I hate to run, but there's a track next to the (now dark and forbidding) tennis courts, and the rubber surface feels pretty good under my feet. We could try.

The municipal pool not too far from here is heated all winter and open until seven. Plus I'm long overdue for a pool review. I think I will ask her to do that soon too, especially if this running thing is as awful as it seems.

*"Playing tennis" is a pretty grandiose way to describe the pitiful ball-chasing spectacle my friend and I put on for each other every week, but it's the closest thing we have in English to describe what goes on, except for maybe "complete shitshow." I'm not employing false modesty here, either: we are terrible. Still, it's fun. 


I need to start walking the dog in the evenings until it gets too cold. Unfortunately, that means an after work change of clothing because everything I wear routinely is black.

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