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I went to the eye doctor today. I read for a living, so I am careful to get my moneymakers checked every year.

They're in good shape. Everything was stable; my prescription is the same as last year. But in addition to the usual jumble-of-letters eye chart, we did some close reading tests this time too. I passed all of them.

"You have a good range," my doctor told me. "You don't need bifocals."

Well, super! Except it had not even remotely occurred to me that I might need them. I asked her when people's close vision starts to degrade.

She glanced at my chart and then looked at me. "About now," she said.

"Oh!" was all I could think to say. Then I thought, but not me. And then I thought, not yet.


Did you write this after I left? Because that is some amazing dedication to this project.

I had bifocals from age 7 (when I got glasses) to age 27 (when my French eye doctor was all WTF? about my prescription. Well, I hit 44 and all of a sudden, I needed bifocals again. A year later, I needed a different bifocal strength. Getting old isn't for sissies, so they say.

Mostly I'm just glad I looked at Twitter and saw your link, because when you switched to this URL, I derped and didn't update my RSS feed! So, yay! Now I can read you again. I really do hope you blog every day in November.

@kristy Actually I had forgotten until I was getting ready for bed! But everyone knows beer blogging is the best kind of blogging.

@Alison Yay! I'm going to try! I have been through all sorts of ophthalmic indignities in my life (baby glasses, eye patches) but I never knew they prescribed bifocals for little kids.

Eeep! Found your new blog link on Twitter (complete happenstance, since I'm not on Twitter all that much) and now you're in my RSS feed! Woohoo! I was thinking you hadn't been posting for a long time (so many of my ol' blogger friends don't anymore, boohoo).

My doctor has been threatening bifocals for the last eight years or so, but so far I haven't gotten any. I did have to change my longstanding contact lens prescription last time around because I absolutely couldn't read small print anymore. The new prescription helped, though.

Maybe you'll be a hawkeye til 80!

I was told at my checkup last spring that I'll be in the market for bifocals soon. I'm 48. I have indeed started moving my book farther away if I want to read with glasses or closer in if I want to read without. It's fiddly.

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