This evening in Friday nights
A few things I liked today:

Grumpy mutt



Üter is extremely grumpy when he's trying to sleep. If you so much as rest your hand on his shoulder when he's dozing he'll let out this exasperated-sounding grunt: Nnnnggggh.

I don't do this often because I don't think it's cool to pester the dogs (and also because I'm aware it's kind of weird), but it's so funny that I have to every once in a while: when he's sleeping I'll rest my head on his back and let him bear most of its weight. Then he does a very long, loud, almost baroque grunt: Ngggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. He just sounds so disgusted.

Sometimes these grunts go on forever. I mean they're so long, like 30 seconds of uninterrupted grunting. This makes me laugh, which makes my shoulders and head move up and down, which makes his whole body shake. So his very long grunt gets chopped up into a series of little staccato grunts: Nnngh ngh ngh ngh ngh ngh. And that makes me laugh harder, which makes his grunts even more emphatic, and then we are stuck in this giggle/grunt feedback loop that only ends when he gives up with a weary sigh because let's face it, I've never been able to let a joke drop.

Both our dogs are a lot of work, and their weird behavior problems cause me considerable angst. But anyone who makes me laugh so much every single day is well worth the cost of their kibble and Comfortis.


Yes, it is the core duty of every housepet to make the bipeds laugh. I'm glad to hear your pets are doing their job.

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