Seed bombs and a resolution

Is it too late to join NaBloPoMo?

"NaBloPoMo" really does not roll off the tongue, does it? And it started two days ago, so I've blown it already. But it wasn't on my radar at all this year until I saw the esteemed Average Jane was participating this year and decided it looked like fun. I need a kick in the ass anyway, so I'm going to try to post every day for the rest of the month.


I just ten minutes ago decided I was going to do this, so my ideas are a little thin at the moment. I'll leave you with this picture of these ridiculously savory vegetable tarts my friend Jennifer and I made last night from the Ottolenghi book.

Less cream next time, we decided, and we were happy with our decision to go outside the bounds to add a little garlic and red pepper flakes for flavor and a touch of heat. I kind of couldn't believe there was no garlic in the recipe to begin with. That's just wacky.


Yum! I want one of those for breakfast.

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