After-dark action!!!
Grumpy mutt

This evening in Friday nights

It's Friday night and I'm drained from an unremarkable work week. I'll probably go to bed early so I can make the most of tomorrow, which is supposed to be cool and rainy. I'm envisioning drinking coffee and working on projects with the radio on while the dogs sleep on my feet. I'd make a big batch of something in the crock pot just to be extra fall weather-y, but I already did that this morning.

Frame start
I've been nibbling around the edges of this picture frame that I'm tiling so my friend can have a nice display for one of her wedding pictures. It's not a difficult project, but lining up all the tiles is fussy. It's the kind of thing that's a pleasure when you have plenty of time and energy to concentrate, but is almost impossible when you're tired and scattered. If I can get a big chunk of that done, eat some leftover spaghetti, and go for a walk in the drizzle I'll be happy.


A good start to the frame!

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