The Cleansing

Filling in the gaps

I saw a dead red-shouldered hawk in the grass on my walk to the library to return a book this morning. Then, at the library, people were setting up a press conference for a guy who was announcing his run for city council. I'm not in that district, though, so I didn't stick around to hear what he had to say.

I didn't see much of interest on the walk back. 

I spent the rest of the day working from home, moving plants around the backyard, and doing a grout study for the demo I'm doing on Saturday. 



The idea is to lay out your tiles in multiple, identical configurations and then use different grout colors to compare the different effects.



In this case, light gray, medium gray, and dark gray.



It always blows my mind what a difference grout color makes. A very pale piece with all white tiles might call for a lighter grout, and a medium grout color can help pull together contrasting colors without washing one of them out. But in a case like this, I almost always prefer the dark grout. I love how vibrant it makes the tile colors in comparison. Although the medium gray splits the difference nicely. It's really a matter of preference. 


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