Literally phoning this one in
The Cleansing

Oh god am I going to bash out some crap on my phone every night before I go to bed instead of giving this arbitrary challenge all the attention it deserves?

I mean, maybe?

Work has not been particularly onerous this week, but I have been cleaning my home office in my down time. That room is now my work-from-home space and also my art studio, and while I feel lucky to have a dedicated space that’s entirely mine for both those things, after 10 months of overtime as well as the completion of a fairly ambitious project, it’s a pit in there, with geological layers of post-it notes and tile shards and mortar dust and recently-departed-dog hair and peanut skins from multiple stints of desperate 4 a.m. snacking in a bid to not pass out before the last batch of work came through. It’s a little depressing to sort through all that crap, but it’s also satisfying to see all the surfaces emerge.

I will say not having any pets makes it much easier to keep a space clean once you’ve wiped it down and vacuumed it, but oh, how I resent those smooth, fur- and danderless surfaces. Not a worthwhile trade at all, in my view.


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